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The Koci resemble bipedal cats with a few humanoid-like qualities.  However, some are an inverse of humanoids with feline qualities.  Many tribes tend to have a variety of specific colorizations and various features, signifying different breeds.  As their cat-like descent would imply, the Koci are naturally curious creatures that seek to know everything about whatever they find.  As such, social castes of scholars are often treated quite well within many of their societies, trading knowledge as if it were a monetary system.  However, their love of discovery doesn’t impede the power of a raw and savage nature that courses through their veins.  Gifted with the boons of their progenitor races, they’re capable of clawing a foe into submission, leaping incredible distances without too much damage and dashing incredible distances to track down prey.  That said, many fears and weaknesses associated with their ancestors carry over into much of the Koca cultures, hence why most tend to live more inland rather than by coastal regions.

Keepers of Balance and Seekers of Greatness

To many a Koca, achieving a greater sense of balance in one’s self as well as their world is the key to prosperity.  To them, a sense of neutrality is the key to survival.  In worlds that favor factions and feuding, they tend to not get involved.  Any involvement is either in self defense or eradicating faction influence within their lands.  That is not to say they won’t fight vigorously to uphold what they believe in.  Ironically, they value exploring almost anything.  While some would view their willing to indulge in something as hedonistic, Koci typically view it as exploration.  Upon gaining greater awareness, it’s common to form group meetings in response to their discovery.  They are willing to trade in all sorts of sources of knowledge and many delights.  To them, balance can be recognized when all senses are properly “awakened.”  However, some view their philosophy as distasteful and self-serving.

Koca Racial Stats –

Ability Score Increase: You gain +2 to Dexterity, as well as +1 bonus to Charisma.

Age: Koci reach maturity by age 12 and usually live to around 60.  Rare cases have seen up to 70.

Agile Hunter: You are quick, nimble and sneaky, due to your feline heritage. You gain proficiency in the acrobatics and stealth skills.

Cat Fall: Even falling from a great drop, you manage to stay on your feet and (usually) keep going. You gain resistance to damage from falling heights. This only works if you are conscious and not being restrained or incapacitated in any way.

Claws: Your ancestry has blessed you with sharp claws to slash at your foe. You gain a natural attack to claw for 1d4 slashing damage, which you may also use as off-hand if said hand is free. This attack can use either dexterity or strength, utilizing whichever is stronger. As you gain levels, the strength of this ability grows with it. Upon reaching level 6, damage increases to 1d6 per claw. At level 12, it’s 1d8. Upon reaching level 18, it deals 1d10.

Darkvision: Prowls in the dark tracking all sorts of prey have honed your eyes against the night’s sky. You gain darkvision out 60 ft.

Speed: You have a speed of 30 ft.

Size: Medium

Pouncing Stride: Embracing your true wild nature, you feel yourself running faster when in the stance of your beastly descendants. As a free action, you can drop to all fours.  While doing so, every weapon attack you do that isn’t your claws takes disadvantage.  However, your speed increases by 10 ft. while upon all fours.  Despite seeming like a prone condition, you are not prone while in this stance.  However, rules for standing apply. Alternatively, you gain a +10 ft. bonus to your speed while using a dash or charge action.

Languages: You begin knowing common and “catfolk”, a unique language evolved from basic sounds ranging from the feline family.

NEW FEAT – Feline Arcana

Requirements: Koca race

You are able to channel some of the power used by your ancient creators.  You may cast Locate Animals or Plants at-will.  You may also cast the following once per long rest: Fog Cloud, Jump, Longstrider, Pass without Trace



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